Original Scary Peeper Halloween Prop

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The Original Scary Peeper is a Halloween prop invented to simulate a “Peeping Tom” looking in through a window.  Simply mount the Original Scary Peeper outside any window with the included line and suction cup and let the fun begin!

Whether you want to scare friends, family, co-workers or your neighbor’s kids, the original Scary Peeper is a the perfect Halloween prop. Because of the simplicity of design and the universality of the prank, the Scary Peeper is a must have for anyone looking for a prank that can be used again and again. Just place the Peeper in a new location for a renewed shock of your guests.

In case you think the Scary Peeper isn’t just right for you or your victims, we also offer 2 other variations of this amazing Halloween decroation. The Original Scary Peeper Zombie, perfect for anyone fearing the oncoming zombie apocalypse; and the Limited Edition – Scary Peeper Giggle for those with an irrational fear of clowns.

No matter the situation, the Scary Peeper is sure to be your go to prank.

For a limited time we will include a free Scary Peeper Cling  when you order an Original Scary Peeper!!!  

Order your Scary Peeper online today.

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