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Santa's Helper is watching, so be good for goodness sake!

Santa’s Helper is watching, so be good for goodness sake!

Santa’s Helper will be watching this Christmas to see if boys and girls are being on their best behavior! Order Santa’s Helper to add fun and whimsy to your Christmas Season!  We have added more exciting products that are sure to entertain and surprise!  Click on the “shop” link to see more!

Original Scary Peeper Halloween Prop

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The Original Scary Peeper is a Halloween prop invented to simulate a “Peeping Tom” looking in through a window.  Simply mount the Original Scary Peeper outside any window with the included line and suction cup and let the fun begin!

Whether you want to scare friends, family, co-workers or your neighbor’s kids, the original Scary Peeper is a the perfect Halloween prop. Because of the simplicity of design and the universality of the prank, the Scary Peeper is a must have for anyone looking for a prank that can be used again and again. Just place the Peeper in a new location for a renewed shock of your guests.

In case you think the Scary Peeper isn’t just right for you or your victims, we also offer 2 other variations of this amazing Halloween decroation. The Original Scary Peeper Zombie, perfect for anyone fearing the oncoming zombie apocalypse; and the Limited Edition – Scary Peeper Giggle for those with an irrational fear of clowns.

No matter the situation, the Scary Peeper is sure to be your go to prank.

For a limited time we will include a free Scary Peeper Cling  when you order an Original Scary Peeper!!!  

Scary Peeper Cling Halloween Prop


New and improved!  Now comes with reusable suction cup! The Scary Peeper Cling is a very realistic looking alternative to the Scary Peeper Deluxe.  Mounts easily to any window with included suction cup! Your friends will freak when they see the Cling staring in at them!  Great for parties, Halloween or just an everyday prank!

Found out why everyone is talking about the Scary Peeper Shop!

Customer Testimonials

Good Morning Morgan,

Just to let you know, I scared my family this weekend. It was awesome: Here were the events: My husband (250 lbs 6’2″) – I put it up on the screen door that leads out to the dog pen – Asked my husband to let the dogs in – All I heard was “Sh-t” – door slams – and I was laughing too hard – he said “this is bull, I’ve worked 12 hours and don’t need this – let your own dogs in” He was so scared….. It was great. My daughter (same one I scared years ago in her bedroom) – asked her to let the dogs in – she went to the door said “come on guys” looked up and saw the peeper – She never drew a breath just started screaming – left the door open tried to run – her feet was moving up and down (screaming the whole time) but her body was not moving – finally got her momentum started running and screaming – ran her left shoulder in the door frame – right side of body still moving thru doorway. She ran past everyone into the dining room -still screaming. Finally got her stopped. She noticed I was laughing so hard (tears coming out of my eyes) and she immediately said “I really, really hate you right now”. It was great……. I have many more to get. You did good. – Linda

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