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The Original Scary Peeper is a Halloween prop that was invented to simulate a “Peeping Tom” looking in through a window.  For the past few years, the Original Scary Peeper has been used thousands of times all over the world to scare unsuspecting victims.  Haha!  We have added more exciting products that are sure to entertain and surprise!  Click on the “shop” link to see more!

Original Scary Peeper Halloween Prop

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The Original Scary Peeper is a Halloween prop invented to simulate a “Peeping Tom” looking in through a window.  Simply mount the Original Scary Peeper outside any window with the included line and suction cup and let the fun begin!

For a limited time we will include a free Scary Peeper Cling  when you order an Original Scary Peeper!!!  

Scary Peeper Cling Halloween Prop


New and improved!  Now comes with reusable suction cup! The Scary Peeper Cling is a very realistic looking alternative to the Scary Peeper Deluxe.  Mounts easily to any window with included suction cup! Your friends will freak when they see the Cling staring in at them!  Great for parties, Halloween or just an everyday prank!

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Customer Testimonials


Here is the funniest one my husband told. One of his buddies from work took it home for a party they had over the weekend. They have a low bathroom window that apparently is right next to the toilet. One of the female guest went to use the restroom, she sat down to do her business, looked at the window, was so scared she jumped up from the toilet and pissed all over her pants that were around her ankles. She had to change clothes. -Mel